Shard #19: M26, Nov 5th

Cal W. S.
2 min readMay 13, 2024


I ran past our old place today
Which one? All of ’em
Don’t remember being anywhere before you
Muscles remember everything, it’s true
It’s still all there inside of you too

Had the big day when the world was brand new
Now I’m alone too under the star line gallery
I hate you but I want you to prevail
I need you to rise where others fell
I’ll root for that til it freezes in hell

Got me looking around now
With a sad smile, happy tears
Josh got Katie, James got Sarah
Shep, Thom and Davies got the families together
And there’s more in the wings like feathers

But I don’t even know what I have anymore
It’s just me and the kid; wouldn’t have it any other way
But sometimes I miss the warmth of being weak
When god’s warm light shone down on me
And life and love was all I could see

I saw you walk out the station of my hometown
8 years younger, looking for me
Same old coat with those baseball shoes
I stop in my tracks, seeing you anew
We haunt each other whatever we do

Another sunday night driving home on my own
Tonight my heart rockets high in the sky
It bursts, burning fiery light in the dark
Can’t stop or turn off that eternal spark
I carry baby with me, indelibly marked

Too much life



Cal W. S.

I write short stories, lyrics without songs, talk about music and mental health and share photography. “I speak that ugly elegant”