Shard#12: Letter from Daddy

Cal W. S.
2 min readAug 15, 2023


I love you in your waking
Bleary yet so anew
Your eyes adjusting as they might
That piercing brand new blue

Each day without you starts so slow
Long shadows on bare wall
The tug at my heart never lets up
I reach, trip, trapped, freefall

I love how strong your spirit is
Nothing gets in your way
Your little suitcase packed with things
To show me, to wear, to play

No home to call my own at first
Each week we shared a new bed
Why even now and forever more
I cherish each hair on your head

I love the way you speak with me
Your whole heart on your sleeve
I cling to every single word
Will myself to believe

I say “Daddy’s not afraid of anything”
But leave out “..anymore”
Cos now my fears are all borne out,
Despite blocking the door

I love to see you growing
Though it’s happening so fast
Every moment’s sacred
Each memory must last

“Don’t let her see your eyes so sad”
Gaga says low and fast
But watching your sweet ignorance
Is like sand through hourglass

I love you while you’re playing
Your silly, quirky flare
How wondrously your mind expands
Beneath your golden hair

I see things somewhat clearer now
My life spins on for you
All my concerns reduced to one
There’s nothing I won’t do

I love you now at 4
like I loved 3 and will love 5
I love loving no-one but you
It keeps my soul alive

I put your name onto my arm
Cauterised from within
I‘ll go on loving you alone
My vow, my only kin

I love the man you see me as
Pure purpose from above
“I’ve never seen a person
give me so much love”

How can one so young
Know just the words to say
How could I ever truly feel
I needed any more to stay

I love you when you sleep at night
Restless within your dreams
In darkness a vision stirs you
You reach; hold my heart’s seams



Cal W. S.

I write short stories, lyrics without songs, talk about music and mental health and share photography. “I speak that ugly elegant”