Glasto 2017 by


Will I be David, or should I be Paul?
I have a fear, and it never wains
Apothecary prescribes the same again
Take two and submerge into warmth


I run madly with lack of direction or form
Femur crushes pelvis like pestle in mortar
I take to my bed like Ophelia in the water
Alone as I was as a…

Video call: see their private collection in the background
I tilt the screen so you can’t see my wallpaper falling down
Landlords stay taking deposits they don’t need,
There’s money to be made in the pandemic; immortal greed
Nothing more deadly than shame when you can’t provide
In the dirt you…

We start running with the gun, neck and neck with the breeze
But I don’t wanna meddle, it’s time for me to leave

My teammate stands waiting, poised for the baton
But when I come to pass him, I decide to run on
And on his face confusion, in my palm…

Cal W. Stannard

Digital Account Manager but I write short stories, talk music and photography. Also do a mental health podcast I speak that ugly elegant

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